In Pictures: The Sweetness of the Season


Harmony 1



From the anthology Ides: A Collection of Poetry Chapbooks, available at Amazon, and featuring WordPress’ own, poet and blogger Robert Okaji.


And two lasts, but certainly not leasts:



Irony 1


I move therefore I eat therefore I move some more . . .


However you might be celebrating this season, if at all, I wish you the very best.


8 thoughts on “In Pictures: The Sweetness of the Season

    • Indeed, it does not disappoint, Bob! This book was supposed to be a gift to a friend, but I’ve selfishly kept it to myself to read it. Then I’ll either pass it along or, most likely, keep it and buy another for his birthday in January. I was surprised by some of the poems, Bob, and some I’d read before on the blog. I can’t picture you (if you are indeed that poem’s narrator) listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, for example, but that’s a cool referent. He was an amazing guitarist. (if you don’t mind the question) Did they use every one of your poems from that chapbook or just certain ones (and did you get to select them; I’m always curious how poets choose poems to bounce off one another or, in other cases, stick together); I can’t remember if you posted that information.

      • Thanks, Leigh. I am indeed the narrator of “Ritual.” SRV was a special guitarist. I wish I could claim him as a musical influence, but alas, his licks are way beyond me. And while his death did not lead directly to my quitting a job, it certainly fit within a desire to live life in the present, and not put off certain dreams and goals. And I did subsequently quit my job to open a bookstore. Regarding the chapbook, when Silver Birch Press contacted me, the editor asked only for fifteen pages of poetry. I selected about 25 pieces, shuffled them around, and cut those that didn’t seem to resonate as much with the others. I included one older poem simply because I wanted to publish it, as I’d written it for my niece 25 years or so ago, but I think the essence of it is not so different from what I’m writing today. In the end, selection is still a bit of a mystery to me. I mostly hope for the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Your irony and continuity ones put me in mind of all those who stuff their faces over Christmas and take up jogging for the New Year. The latter normally only lasts a week at the most, while the consequences of the former last much longer! I’m neither into stuffing my face with food, nor jogging. I’m a hearty healthy eater and a fast walker all the year around. Wishing you a wonderful festive time ๐Ÿ™‚

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