Another Mostly #WordlessWednesday

The gull gods were happy to take our offerings . . .

Clouds and gulls

I liked the ellipse-shaped cloud bowl in this one. I believe I counted about two to three different gull species on the beach that Autumn day.

#photography #nature #seashore #beach #birds #WordlessWednesday

5 thoughts on “Another Mostly #WordlessWednesday

    • Thank you so much, Andrea! That is a high compliment, ‘cos I’ve seen the nature photography you’ve shared over the years on Harvesting Hecate. Pardon me for name-dropping your blog; I’ve been doing a lot of digital marketing courses lately and I really enjoy the role of encouraging people to read my fellow colleagues’ work that I’ve enjoyed. So, I’m throwing a hashtag or three in here as well, because you’re such a lyrical and engaging #writer. Perhaps it will result in an extra trickle of viewers for Harvesting Hecate, from the #writingcommunity and beyond? I hope so. Best wishes!

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