Another Mostly #WordlessWednesday

The gull gods were happy to take our offerings . . .

Clouds and gulls

I liked the ellipse-shaped cloud bowl in this one. I believe I counted about two to three different gull species on the beach that Autumn day.

#photography #nature #seashore #beach #birds #WordlessWednesday


8 thoughts on “Another Mostly #WordlessWednesday

    • Thank you so much, Andrea! That is a high compliment, ‘cos I’ve seen the nature photography you’ve shared over the years on Harvesting Hecate. Pardon me for name-dropping your blog; I’ve been doing a lot of digital marketing courses lately and I really enjoy the role of encouraging people to read my fellow colleagues’ work that I’ve enjoyed. So, I’m throwing a hashtag or three in here as well, because you’re such a lyrical and engaging #writer. Perhaps it will result in an extra trickle of viewers for Harvesting Hecate, from the #writingcommunity and beyond? I hope so. Best wishes!

  1. I was instantly struck by the though that the curve of the clouds matched the curve of the wings. As if the sky and gulls were in flight together. A gorgeous photo Leigh.

  2. Loved this!

    Not sure if you remember me, “Swoosieque” from “Cancer Isn’t Pink”, but I’m still around, with a new pseudonym – Sue Marie St. Lee. I’ve been writing too!

    Actually, you are the one who most influenced me a few years back to begin pursuing my dream of writing, and I’ve been doing that over the past year.

    I don’t write much on my blog because I’m staying busy writing for submission calls.

    I am so happy to see that you are still around and keeping VERY busy with your own writing!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi, Swoosieque. Of course I remember you and your heartfelt writing about surviving cancer and then your family’s trial and tribulations! IIRC, the last I heard/read from your old persona, you were considering copywriting.
      It’s awesome to hear how you are thriving in your writing life, especially now in these uncertain times (though I know you left your comment a couple months ago now). Will be sure to follow your new persona. I don’t get to do much “fun writing” as of late: partially that I am not always good at self-motivating, partially that I work close to full-time but it’s across 3 jobs. Two of them, as a gig worker, are teetering on disappearing or at least being drastically reduced with coronavirus around–so, who knows, maybe I’ll take up blogging again at some near date. In the meantime, I have a jillion things in the TBR pile (besides being a mom and teacher . . . and wife!) I hope you and yours stay well and thriving! See you around WordPress again soon.

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