Publications and So Forth


My award—and, indeed, my reward—is that you have visited my blog. So, in other words, this is an award-free zone, but I thank you for your noticing my writing and if you choose to support, comment, or participate with it in any fashion. You’re awesome!

In the meantime, here’s a list of my pertinent publications thus far, should you like to browse them.

What I’ve Written


“The Adventures of Conqueror Cat,” a possibly humorous speculative fiction story in the “weird” subgenre, and published in an entertaining anthology from the Writers Co-op, titled The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume One. Purchase as an ebook or paperback via Amazon, for a slew of creepy, humorous, and/or emotionally moving oddities, a “delightful” tome according to at least one reviewer. Published November 2018.

“Rot-Heart in the Neighbourhood,” a horror flash fiction piece published in the Australian anthology Trickster’s Treats #2: More Tales from the Pumpkin Patch, edited by Oz Horror Impresario Steve Dillon. I’m chuffed to have been included in such a prestigious group of horror authors WAY across the pond. My story concerns a house that is freighted with the unbearable burdens of a racist past. Please leave a review if you’ve partaken of this anthology and enjoyed it . . . Published September 2018 and available here.

“The Future of Flirtation,” speculative fiction story in the Biketopia anthology, billed as “feminist bicycle science fiction.” Published September 2017 and Available NOW!!

I’ve not seen this one (after publication) yet, and I might not get to, unfortunately, as it seems to have stalled indefinitely as of prior to February 2019 (when I am updating this list). I have not been able to purchase a back-copy. If you do and you enjoy it, please let me know. “Even if we never really touch” was presumably published in Retro Future, Issue No. 1, June 2017 (their one and only issue!).

“Blood on the Road,” a brutal horror story told from an abuser’s POV, appeared in Shotgun! Strange stories (sadly, a now-defunct publication by DeadLights magazine), January 2017

“Sentient Trees (shortened to “Trees” upon publication),” a 50-word Christmas horror story, on 50-Word Stories online

“Self-Reliant Animals,” a 53-word literary fiction story, was first published by Prime Number Magazine (July 2016).

“Three Days During the Contagion,” a speculative fiction short story of horror/science fiction, was first published by Infective INk online (June 2016).

ghost-gears-grimoires“Muzzling the Monster,” a steampunk-horror short story, was published in the Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires anthology (October 2016). This anthology features a staggering 16 stories by (if I’m not mistaken) 16 different authors! Available on Kindle and in print now. Oodles of thanks to my editor, Rie Sheridan Rose, and all the fine folks at Mocha Memoirs Press. Do look them up to quench your literary palette, now, you hear?!

“Going Back Again,” a short literary fiction piece, published in moonShine Review  (summer 2016)

“A Lotta Guts,” a futuristic drabble (100-word story), was first published online by The Drabble

“Love Offerings,” a microfiction literary piece about a dog, was first published online by 50-Word Stories

“Queen of the Realm of Things,” a creative nonfiction piece, first appeared in 52nd City literary magazine, under the pseudonym L.A. Ramsey (January 2007 print edition)

“Rhetoric of the Rural,” a literary nonfiction piece, first appeared in 52nd City literary magazine (April 2007 online edition), under the L.A. Ramsey nom de plume. NB: there’s a link there to my old blog, which is now an ex-parrot.


What I’ve Edited

Nonfiction (non-academic):

The Wonderful World of Evergleam, written by aluminum Christmas tree expert and devotee Theron Georges. I was a copyeditor for this fascinating project. Please do give it a go; even if you’re not an Evergleam (tree) super-fan like Theron, I think you’ll find information about the Space Age, life in the Midwestern U.S. from 1959 through 1971, and such other gems among the many factual details such as tables listing specific models, variations, and oodles of helpful graphics of the packaging and the gorgeous trees themselves for this highly collectible company (Evergleam). Therein you’ll find almost the entire “reconstructed … catalog of nearly every item ever produced by Evergleam from 1959-1971. Never before have all 120 plus products been systematically and meticulously cataloged within one publication,” in the words of the Evergleam book’s website. Get Theron’s comprehensive book, published in the Fall of 2018.


FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BLEAK LITTLE HEART, a sincere thank-you to all my publishers, editors, fellow authors for whom I’ve edited or proofread (or those I’ve not!), and readers. I appreciate you all.

≈ Leigh Ward-Smith ≈