Mostly #WordlessWednesday

ice-cream-tasting-7-20-19flh.jpgSo, we attended an ice cream tasting over the last weekend. Want to know my favorites? What flavors seemed to be the crowd favorite(s)? That one you can’t see, top right, is rose-flavored.

What kind would you choose?


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13 thoughts on “Mostly #WordlessWednesday

    • I love chocolate, too, and figured I’d like the apricot but the apricot wasn’t in my top 3, surprisingly. My favorites were Rose, Lavender, and then Rosemary. Rosemary was minty, and most people seemed to have voted (with their spoons) for rosemary, then lavender.

    • I used to like chocolate, and that was literally all. Not vanilla, not strawberry. There’s something to be said for being a vanilla ice cream-lover (VICL). I don’t know this for a fact, but I feel like VICLs are calmer and more stable. How’s that for pop psychology, Andrea? Hope your Friday (and weekend) are fabulous!

    • I agree, Sue. Chocolate is one of my go-to flavors. And yet, I was surprised by how good rose, lavender, and rosemary were. If you ever get the chance, you might like to try some of the ‘herbal’ flavors. Happy travels!

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