Friday Fictioneers: House-Called

It’s not often these days that I get to participate in Friday Fictioneers, but I love the photos Rochelle chooses, as well as reading what people come up with. And so, this fantasy drabble sprang forth. Hope you like it.


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


genre: fantasy

Pearl placed the last of the enchantments. Each spike brimmed with unseen poison; every adamantine bar thrummed with mojo enough to keep terrors at bay.

“Are you really sure?” Jonah stayed partly buried behind the thick trunk of the hemlock. “Remember that time it barrelled nearly through the fence? I was petrified!”

“It’s safe. I promise.”

They moved back from the gate. Turning to survey her work, she nodded as the ground grumbled and the house miraged.

“Come. Our next appointment waits. For now, Ramsay manor is reality-shackled to satisfaction. It shan’t be making misery for a good, long time.”


If you’d like to participate in the current Friday Fictioneers flash fiction (microfiction/drabble) challenge, there’s still time. Read, write, comment, enjoy!


15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: House-Called

  1. I have pleasant neighbours now, but certainly some of my past neighbours could have done with reality-shackling by Pearl. I’m sure she’s much more effective at doing her job than law enforcement or council officials are.

    Wonderful to have you participating in Friday Fictioneers this week, Leigh (or rather, last week by now), as it was through you that I first heard of this weekly challenge!

    • Thanks for noticing that and commenting, Andrea. For me the house itself was alive and the ‘source,’ if you will, of the evil that Pearl worked to contain. Thank you again, Andrea!

  2. Interesting! Love this – “Each spike brimmed with unseen poison; every adamantine bar thrummed with mojo enough to keep terrors at bay.” What’s the “next appointment”, please?

  3. We had some neighbour issues a few years ago. Came totally out of the blue. Not much fun. Loved your writing as always Leigh. Reality shackled. Brilliant.

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