Whatever this is, it is

Dog & frog

Dog and frog. A friend’s Yorkie, not mine (sadly, as he’s a sweetie).

Here’s something not-so completely different. A proem (ranting + poem).  AU NOTE: Have fun, ghost of Dr. Freud!

Vestigial Child

What raw ravaged
seed defines me,
I cannot catalog,

but I can define
each wound
by its unwounding.

This sediment here,
youth; that, betrayal
of not telling.

This layer bounded
by leeched limestone laid
where each burial was swift

centuries chipped in
to what passes for
my soul these days.

Eggshell white
pieces, piecemeal.
Peaceful never.

Hurt rage ranging
as far as the tether
allows, sears, marks,

won’t give, won’t forgive.
Scars come unconditionally
coddling the cold warmth

of phenotypic oddity,
biological prop
vestigial child

mad witness to
your own match
immolating from within

an egg hurled
in that moment
coming full cervix

and splattering on
brutal bedrock:
stone of masculinity, madness

metamorphic as cell,
seed, shell. Birth, death
swaddled in light

bundle of bagged
flesh, fresh bulb
in welcome ground

stunted womb
rooming, roaming
from wing to web to ring.

Every decade
laying down silt
in slighted skin

curetted and curated
to show off. Look:

See that charred
oath dashed to hell?
Shelled-out hulls

fall easiest, prey
to gravity, strung
causing welts,

coiling Weltschmerz
around figments
of neck, rendered delicate

by one’s own
sublime grief, a
doppelgänger, which

won’t get out of
the way. Ghost
obscures the body

until all that remains
is the conversation
with the shadow.


14 thoughts on “Whatever this is, it is

      • You’ve touched on one of my greatest fears/paranoias – that I’ll subconsciously lift a line from something I’ve read. Eek! But overly worrying about this would paralyze me, so I just keep writing 😐

      • Ditto, Bob! I’m at the point, though, that I’m forgetting what I’ve forgotten, soooo I’m evolving into becoming nonchalant about such things (as you said, if you worry too much, it paralyzes you to action). Anyway, have wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks, Curtis. I hope writing and anthologizing are going well for you. I still need to get your cats anthology from last year, especially as I have been feeding a semi-feral kitty for the last month or so (don’t tell my husband!), not to mention that I grew up with cats. Lots and lots of cats.

  1. Most curious! I like the strong emotion and find it quite shocking in places, which I also like and I like the way it breaks down my own barriers and opens inner doors to other places I had never thought about. it’s the kind of poetry I like, thanks, Leigh!

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