My Very Short Holiday Story and Photos


I don’t own Star Trek or the rights to this graphic; I just think it’s cool. But you can buy this T-shirt elsewhere online.

Life is unpredictable. (All the more reason to hold onto it and help others do the same.)

We’re currently waylaid by the unexpected: a sick child. Sadly, we will not make it to Grandma and Grandpa’s as soon as we’d originally planned.

However, if I’ve learned anything about parenting, it’s that you must be flexible. (That’s probably been the hardest lesson for this type-A personality.)

On a positive note, I hope you all are enjoying your holidays, if you celebrate. Here’s my early wish to you for a happy 2017 as well.

Now, the story . . . which isn’t here, but it was published:


The first day of winter.

So, my story ran yesterday (21 Dec. 2016) on 50-Word Stories. My many thanks to Tim, who’s the force behind 50-Word Stories, for taking a chance on odd fiction, which I think my story “Trees” qualifies as. If you enjoy dark/horror flash fiction and appreciate a scary story, give it a like-click over here. And be sure to check out 50-Word Stories; every day they post two bursts of microfiction and are the go-to source for a smorgasbord of shorts (fiction, that is).

In the meantime, enjoy these winter-ish photographs.

Until we meet again. Soon.


Can you spot all the critter footprints?


32 thoughts on “My Very Short Holiday Story and Photos

    • Thanks, Zteve. The same to you and yours; let’s hope we don’t all eat too much this Christmas! My MIL is an excellent chef I still haven’t recovered from 2 Christmases ago. I promise, a person cannot sample just 1 type of cookie. It’s impossible.
      Anyway, do take care and wishing you the best for writing & life in the new year ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Am so sorry that your holiday plans have taken a knock. I hope kiddo bounces back soon. My daughter always used to get ill when she was too excited about something. I left a comment on your tree story, over at the host blog. Scary stuff. Well written.

  2. I fully sympathise with your protagonist. I have on occasion come off the worse from an argument with a tree, but so far have lived to tell the tale.
    Have a great Christmas, Leigh, even if the plans have been adjusted.

    • Thank you so much, Andrea. I’m glad you enjoyed the very short story. I was working on a longer version of it, but the characters were different, involving an entire family and probably a not-so-nice father. In any case, hope your flu is clearing up by now. Happy holidays to y’all there!

    • Thank you so much, Joe. I’m hoping to use some of my holiday plunderings to buy at least one of your books; hopefully I can figure out which ones will send to the U.S. But I’m pretty sure I will suss it out in the end. Happy almost New Year’s, Joe!

  3. Now that was some surprise story. I’ll be more mindful in the forest. Hoping your little one is feeling better. As to the footprints you have quite the group of visitors on the front mat. A bird and maybe a racoon?

    • Great guess, Sue. I’m not sure; there’s a kitty (stray) who sometimes prowls around at night, so maybe the raccoon-y paws are hers? Wish I knew what type of bird (if one can tell among the small birds, by their footprints).

  4. I’ve only just seen this, I hope all is well now on the health front โ€“ there is nothing so anxiety-making as a sick child! Dark/horror stories are not my thing at all, but I wish you luck with your literary enterprises in this new year.

    • No worries, Hilary. For a long time, I got away from the horror and dark literature. There are some who’d say (and I won’t disagree) that reality is enough of a horror story. Your book about your father’s POW experiences is, unfortunately, a prime example.
      Anyway, yes, we are all finally well, although the flu seemed to cycle through all of us before it was done (to lesser degrees, thankfully). And, thank goodness, we didn’t get any of the extended family sick either.

  5. I just read your brief story and truly liked it … The way the idea of chopping a tree and killing someone get intertwined is powerl… Great metaphorical writing over there… Wishing you well! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks so much for reading! Yes, better from the December illnesses. The winter months are rough with two young ones whose immune systems are rather like magnets and people being forced to stay indoors more often.

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