The Arrival—and, Yes, I’m Still Alive


Election results got you down, Leigh?

Reports of my demise have been exaggerated, I’m afraid. In fact, there I am over at the right, looking pensive, as opposed to looking Pence-ive, which is just gross.

Over the last five weeks or so that I’ve not blogged, I’ve been both working hard and hardly working. A new job—copywriting—is occupying a lot of my time so I haven’t gotten to do much creative writing (or responding to your blogs) of late. In fact, in terms of fiction, I submitted only five pieces for publication in January.

But amid the flus and allergies and product descriptions and torn knee-parts (husband, not me) and holidays, I’ve managed to get my second horror fiction piece published in a free ezine newly rechristened as Shotgun! Strange Stories, a publication of DeadLights Horror Fiction Magazine. I’d call the story, Volume 2, Issue 2 (27 January 2017; cover depicts two skeletons at a door and says “Featuring ISOLATED written by Kyle Lybeck”) a radical departure from my typical protagonist: this character is a right bastard, I think my British friends would say. Possibly with no redeeming qualities, but I hope the story manages to convey . . .  something. I’ll leave that something up to the individual, however!

I received several book-gifts for the holidays (the very best kind of gift), from poetry to short story collections to biography (Phil Collins, I’m looking at you, against all odds).

So-so-sodio (you have to sing it), I just wanted to give a brief update and a swift kick in my own tuchus. I am hereby making a half-way commitment to blogging two times a week. I’m sure you’re all thrilled, yes? 🙂 Two, yes two. These posts could be anything. Fence posts. Post offices. Post cereal.

Moving along . . .  I’ve been trying to save my dollars and pounds to support indie authors like some of you (I wish it were more; I truly do). Hence, the latest arrival.

Let’s all celebrate some good fiction-writing  . . .  c’mon!


Congratulate, cajole, coax, consult, or converse with Hugh at his blog, Hugh’s Views and News, where you can also get this book (a short story collection chock-full of horror, science fiction, weirdness, and drama galore).

Way to go, Hugh, as to all of you living the creativity dream. I’ll see you around.



21 thoughts on “The Arrival—and, Yes, I’m Still Alive

  1. Congratulations, Leigh, on this, and on “Muzzling the Monster.” I neglected to mention earlier how much I enjoyed the story, and how impressed I was witih your research. You took the reader THERE!

  2. Congratulations on the story being published, Leigh and an absorbing read too! Five submissions in January of all months is mighty impressive especially with every thing else you have had going on so well done!

  3. So pleased to hear that –
    1. You’ll be blogging at least twice a week.
    2. That you are well and have been writing.
    3. That you got one of your stories published.
    4. That the book arrived safely.

    Thank goodness it did, Leigh. I had a horrible feeling that the lady at the post office only charged me for seamail and not airmail.

    Happy Reading. 😀

    • Seamail? That’s a thing? {I’m so sophisticated, I’d never considered that!] Hugh, you have such nice handwriting and what a beautiful dedication to John. I’ve read several stories already, and am really enjoying them. I must admit, I kind of chose them at random, hopping around a bit. Good stuff, artwork and all. Thank you again, and best wishes going forward. I have a feeling that this is the first of many from you.

      • Sorry, Leigh, I should have said surface mail. It takes surface mail months longer to arrive but, of course, is a lot less expensive to use. As for my handwriting, that is so kind of you to say. Usually, my handwriting looks like a spider has walked over it. Not even I can understand it on occasions. 😀

        I’m already preparing book 2. Hopefully, will be published towards the end of this year. I’m glad you’re reading the stories in Glimpses in your own way. Like a ‘pick & mix’. Not sure if you’ve read ‘The Truth App’ yet, but I hope you like the rewrite I did from the original version.

        Have a lovely week, Leigh.

      • I have read the ‘new’ Truth App story and liked the ending, but I’ll have to go back to your original and see what else changed because the ol’ noggin is not what it used to be in terms of memory. In the meantime, happy writing, Hugh!

  4. Well done with getting your horror story published. I’d no idea that “right bastard” was primarily a Brit saying.

    Hugh’s book is on my reading list, but I’m being a bit slow getting through books this year. In fact I’m slow getting through anything. Am hoping that the mega-dose of Vitamin D that my doctor has prescribed to me, will give me a sudden surge of energy and zest for life once more.

    I didn’t know that you were doing a copywriting job, so am hoping that I’ve not overburdened you by giving you yet another book to beta-read and edit.

    Am glad to see you returned to the land of blogging 🙂

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