Hallo-ween Lite: A Twictional Experiment

Is everyone excited for Halloween? I know I am, and probably more than when I was a kid. And, for my friends in India or who have celebrated elsewhere, here’s wishing you a joyous, if belated, Diwali. 🙂

Anyway, as most people are probably reaching for the blood, guts, and gore in their fiction today, I’m going to switch it up. BGG I can do anyday; in fact, I do it pretty often here on the blog and in writing submissions. I’m going to treat you today, however. Free fiction, and, it is my hope, some smiles or laughter.

So, if you can follow this . . . I hope the formatting’s not too bad . . . here’s a(nother) merger of Twitter and fiction (Twiction) that I worked on for a recent submission cycle and which was (sniff, sniff) rejected.


Our little paladin. And Artoo. (Pre-Halloween, at a con)

I’m biased of course, but I think the ending’s worth at least scrolling through to.

Thank you, sit back, and enjoy.

Oh, and go buy my latest work!

WORD COUNT: 988 words

GENRE: Humor (experimental), weird fiction, Twiction; it never really happened/got tweeted, and all handles except for @1WomanWordsmith (mine) were made up

Tricking the Tweeter: An Imagined Twitter Story

Sometimes, I get ideas. One of those times, it happened on Twitter, near Halloween-time. A kind of livestreamed play, with oodles of moving parts:

@1WomanWordsmith: Want to collaborate on a #Halloween #story? Join a trick-or-tweet event?

@1WomanWordsmith: Rules: Keep your #story clean; don’t plagiarize; be nice to each other. I’ll start. Let the ice-breaking begin!

@1WomanWordsmith: It was a stark and stormy morning. Oct. 30, 2016 . . .

@ChrissitheSarcas-Mom: Pathetic. What are you, 8? Puns are so passé.

@1WomanWordsmith to @ChrissitheSarcas-Mom: Hi, fellow Mom. No, I’m adult. But this *could* rapidly become a series of unfortunate tweets …

@1WomanWordsmith to @ChrissitheSarcas-Mom: Besides, it’s more a spoonerism than a pun b/c I switched out “dark and stormy”

@1WomanWordsmith: Anyway, sorry for any #misunderstandings. Let’s forge on with the #story & past our personal foibles. #amwriting #join

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Amen, sister.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: Hello. Would you like to contribute to a story?

@FayWray81Speaks: I’m no writer.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: It’s OK. If you can tweet, you can write. Not aiming for Pulitzers here anyway. Just fun.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: No thanks. Feeling #misunderstood and your tweet resonated for me.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: Understood. I do hope things get better for you.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Appreciated!

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: You wouldn’t happen to be interested in any unusual hobbies, would you?

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: I’m interested in a lot of things (and I’m also married). Can you be specific?

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: I’m forming a club. You don’t have to be in Missouri.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: A club for? (she asks sheepishly) S*P*A*M? (j/k)

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Nothing like that.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: I see. There’s an embarrassment for everybody. Like fear. Speaking of #fear . . .

@1WomanWordsmith: . . . Has anyone got a line to #add to our not-yet-frightful #Halloween #story?

@1WomanWordsmith: #Join me in tweeting a #Halloween #tale! All are welcome! #amwriting

@SulliedAngelPublUK to @1WomanWordsmith: I’m game. The morning was turning sultry when Dahlia ripped off her blouse & said

@1WomanWordsmith to @SulliedAngelPublUK: Thanks for your contribution, but let’s stop at blouse so it stays child-friendly, shall we?

@1WomanWordsmith: Nothing against erotica. I even thought of eerie-otica, for Halloween, for a sec, but let’s keep it PG-13. #facetious

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: I *really* love socks.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: I think that line’s maybe a tad early as we don’t know Dahlia’s character or POV yet.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Who’s Dahlia?

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: In the Halloween story.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Oh, Jamie Lee Curtis.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: No, the #Halloween #story we’re #writing. Here on Twitter.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Oh, yeah. That.

@1WomanWordsmith: Let me recap for those joining late. Like to #help #write a #Halloween-y #sentence? Here’s our opening: . . .

@1WomanWordsmith: It was a stark & stormy morning. Oct. 30, 2016. The morn. was turning sultry when Dahlia ripped off her blouse

@1WomanWordsmith: … and said “I really love socks.”

@1WomanWordsmith: C’mon, #writers. Join in! #Let’s turn this weirdery to #scary-iery-er-er!

First I waited.

Nothing . . .

@1WomanWordsmith: Voices? I need #diversity! Hello, writers. Want to #help write a #Halloween #story?

Then I dithered while waiting.

Still nada . . .

@1WomanWordsmith: . . . OK, I’ll add. She was alone. Still, she strode over to the dresser & took out a calf-length athletic

@1WomanWordsmith: . . . sock, purple-capped on the toes and heel. She smoothed it over her hand w/practiced ease, as if

@1WomanWordsmith: Y’all #continue the #story now.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: That’s not what I meant.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: What’s not what you meant?

@FayWray81Speaks @1WomanWordsmith: You wrote the socks in. That was me. Not a story.

@TreesforAll1970Peace to @1WomanWordsmith: ie, He has a thing for socks.

@1WomanWordsmith to @TreesforAll1970Peace: Uh-oh. I overlooked that. I thought it was fiction.

[nervously typing]

@1WomanWordsmith: Need you @ my house, @FayWray81Speaks. Always lots of socks, what w/ kids’ adventures. Go through 2-3 pairs/person/day.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: You’re not making me feel good.

@ChrissitheSarcas-Mom: Don’t worry, Socklover. She’s not making anyone feel good.

@1WomanWordsmith: Meanwhile, the story’s pivoted to the absurdity of a woman delighted by socks. Many places you can go w/that, fictionally.

@ChrisssitheSarcas-Mom to @1WomanWordsmith: Like the landfill.

@FayWray81Speaks: Don’t know why I bother sometimes.

@ChrissitheSarcas-Mom to @FayWray81Speaks: Anything you tweet can and will . . .

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: I’m sorry you feel that way.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Call me James.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: Okay, James. Incidentally, that’s a good novel-starter. À la “call me Ishmael.”

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Oh yeah. Moby Dick.

@SulliedAngelPublUK: Whose dick? Now this is getting fun! Can I do the next line?

@1WomanWordsmith: Uh. No. In fact, let’s go ahead & shut down this experiment. Seems I need to re-titrate for the next dose of the Literary Lab.

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Twitter just isn’t good for interpersonal communications.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: It’s not good for collaborative stories either (evidently). My bad!

@FayWray81Speaks to @1WomanWordsmith: Well, I’m your follower. In fact, I’m your #1 fan. Really.

@1WomanWordsmith to @FayWray81Speaks: Thank you.

I wasn’t sure if I meant it. Did I have the male version of the Misery woman on my hands?

@TreesforAll1970Peace to @1WomanWordsmith: Do I know your writing?

@1WomanWordsmith to @TreesforAll1970Peace: Probably not. I’m emerging.

@ChrissitheSarcas-Mom to @TreesforAll1970Peace: She means from an egg. A dodo egg.

@1WomanWordsmith to @ChrissitheSarcas-Mom: I saw that tweet. Dodos are extinct.

@ChrissitheSarcas-Mom to @1WomanWordsmith: Not from what I see on social media.

@1WomanWordsmith: Yes, well, back to the outcome of the #Halloween story.

@1WomanWordsmith: Thus ends the inaugural Hallow-scream Trick or Tweet storythingamathon-a-jig. Hope you enjoyed AND learned. I sure did!

@CluelessinSeattle75 to @1WomanWordsmith: I’m going to continue Dahlia’s story. You can’t stop me. Ha!

@1WomanWordsmith: I guess that’s the spirit of #literature, Halloween or otherwise. As an #author, you never know where the #reader . . .

@1WomanWordsmith:  . . . will take your story next. Or what she’ll take from it, either.

Thinking on it, I realized that’s probably the essence of hope, too. It perches where it pleases. #emilydickinson



4 thoughts on “Hallo-ween Lite: A Twictional Experiment

  1. Leigh, this brought a big smile to my face. Don’t you just love these conversations? Well, maybe not if you are having them, but I love how people can look at things so differently. I’d go ahead and enter it into a few competitions. It will land into the hands of the right judge at some stage.
    Hope your Halloween was spooktacular. 👻

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