The Bermuda Banishment


Friday Fictioneers photograph courtesy of Marie Gail Stratford. Be sure to check out her fiction and other works, too.

Flash Fiction by Leigh Ward-Smith

Genre: Modern Fantasy

For Friday Fictioneers, 26 Sept. 2014


A swell of laughter pushed through fleshy lips the color of the Calypso Deep.

“The Egyptians got it wrong with all that Isis prattle.” He traced the rough underside of an amber bottle with his thumb.

“Me, I relished washing impertinent man ashore.”

He marveled at his collection, which now filled thirty-three warehouses and the bar in Bermuda.

“Even Zeus’ conquests cannot rival mine. From every ellipse of the Earth and practically every nationality and language!”

His hubris drifted to rage about the banishment. At least I have these glass reminders of measly man, he gestured.

“In the end, I judge all humans’ hearts are the same.”

He picked a bottle at random and hurled it to the stone floor.




9 thoughts on “The Bermuda Banishment

    • Not this exact story, HG, but I am quite fond of world mythologies, so you’ll see gods, demigods, and demons (etc.) pop up here and there from time to time. I find the ‘interactions’ between humans and uber-humans (or whatever you want to call them) endlessly fascinating. Are you ready to rule the new year? 🙂

      • The time has not yet come for Henry Game. Perhaps two or three years hence.
        Are you ready mistress wordsmith?

      • Yes, HG, I think my Armageddon survival kit’s at the ready. Somewhere I’ve heard that . . . “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (or elsewhere, as far as that goes). 🙂

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