Friday Fictioneers: Every Minute

unidentifiable-on-a-stick--Friday Fictioneers, 3 Oct. 2014, by Kent Bonham

Photograph by Kent Bonham

Genre: Science fiction (flash fiction) story

by Leigh Ward-Smith

Dr. Kyla Dysun marveled at the LP prototype from the archive.

From that mock-up to the latest incarnation of the LollyPetz product line seemed light-years. When she’d formed FiveFineMinds eight years ago, only the technology for the ChocoLiszts had been perfected. For a time, everybody with the means could generate a piano sonata with mere mouth power, thanks to edible electronics by FFM.

But the word whipper-uppers had worked a new level of magic with the LollyPetz campaign.

It is a brave new world, she thought, with such capital in it.

Later, her speech to the shareholders went grandly. “Today, 31 March 2079, carves a company milestone: one LollyPet ‘born’ every minute!”

This flash fiction is for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers of 3 October 2014. Please visit Rochelle and check out the other Friday Fictioneers as well; you’ll find a great range of story genres and angles to go with this prompt. And, if you enjoyed my speculative fiction story, please pop back by sometime. I have a feeling I will continue the LollyPetz story soon.

20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Every Minute

  1. It’s like the next incarnation of those virtual pets you get on phone apps and such. I wonder what they’ll put on a lolly stick next? Very imaginative!

    • Thank you, Björn. No need to marvel; it is I who marvels at your out-of-this world poetry and prose. I suppose we could be mutual marvelers (a new kind of superhero . . . Haiku Man and …. ? Mighty Mouse Writer-Woman?) 🙂

  2. I love your imagination and how you so artistically put it into words! So, if I lived in 2079, I wouldn’t have to take piano lessons? Cool! I hated them! ;0

    • Thank you, Miss Swoosieque; I am grateful you enjoyed reading it. Speaking of which, I read your recent post about being from a musical family, with your father’s teachings/studio. That’s really awesome that despite hating the lessons, your eighth-grade (hope I’m remembering that correctly) music teacher figured there was no more to teach you. I kind of wish I’d stuck with violin lessons, but my interests at the time were too fleeting and I didn’t like to be indoors practicing (and wasn’t forced to do so). However, I am still a huge aficionado of and dabbler in music (banjo, traditional drum kit, and bongos are recent dabbles). 🙂

      • I wished for something more portable, like a guitar – it’s kind of difficult to lug a piano around. I bought a harmonica and am going to start fooling around with it. I don’t want to learn the “proper” way. I learned the “proper” way but cannot play piano by ear. Reading the music is not enjoyable to me, especially now, since I need to wear reading glasses. 😀

  3. Ha, I love this tongue-in-cheek view of a creative ad campaign for edible electronics! I’m worried now if a company really does come out with those lollies, would I dare try them to see what the draw is? That’s the question! 😉

  4. Mere mouth power — wow, I wouldn’t mind generating a piano sonata occasionally by sucking on a chocolate lolly. It would make a change from singing.
    My dog would get jealous of a LollyPet.
    I love the eccentric and imaginative “flavour” of your story.

    • Thanks, Zteve. That’s an oldie. I have another call for submissions you might be interested in. But I don’t think they open til April 1. It’s reworking Arthurian legend (or even mashing it up with other genres or worlds). I’ll send that along when I see that they’ve opened up. In the meantime, thanks for commenting. Hope your week is spectacular!

      • Edible electronics is a great idea and I enjoyed the post. The submission idea sound interesting, thanks Leigh. Wishing you a great week and hope your foot recovers.

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