Euphoric/Dysphoric Haiku


Strands of IMacbeth candle

When I am wholly

at peace, bifurcated (k)not:

tallow’s tail — docked, snuffed.


Untitled, rhyming 1

This patchwork world frays

arrayed lives, brocaded days.

Best dress to egress.


Untitled, rhyming 2

Content comes with age

they say; calm is the loose cloak

saved for darker days.


Function Sans Form

Meanings labyrinthine,

when content is king and coils

reason ’round the thing.


 Blood Lines

Where mem’ries gather,

if I could just let them clot,

would hell or heme bloom?

The Haiku Horizons word of the week is “content,” which can be used adjectivally or nominally, as I’ve done here; be sure to peruse the other contributors to this week’s HH. After you’re done there, enjoy some other haiku or related forms by writers Robert Okaji, who here gives us a haibun, and Sarah Potter, who delivers a Monday morning haiku weekly.



8 thoughts on “Euphoric/Dysphoric Haiku

  1. Leigh, thank you so much for mentioning my blog’s weekly Monday morning haiku spot.
    And (wow!) you have a very interesting blog. Will return to peruse your earlier posts in more depth after I’ve caught up with my usual blog reading. I dared to take a long weekend break but had the foresight to schedule my Monday haiku in advance. Meanwhile, I’ll start following your blog.

  2. These all have fine and interesting twists in them. I especially liked this line “calm is the loose cloak saved for darker days”. There is something exactly right feeling in this.

    • Thank you for taking a look at the haiku(s), as well as sharing your thoughts on them. I love what I’m reading on your site, from poetry to prose (I guess I share the “insanity” of poetry with you; thank goodness there are some of us!). I do hope you’ll visit again, Alice. Have a great week!

      • Leigh,
        The company of poets is a good thing. I just came home from a poetry open mike. All that “insanity” did my heart a world of good.
        All the best.

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