Haiku High Jinks: On Word-Building and LEGOs

CandLego--Daily Imagination Haiku_2

Imagination power! Kid 2 thinks of the Bard (WS LEGO not seen above) as “Shakesbeard” and “Shakesbeer.” Which do you think he would like better?


Poet Ludens*

e.e.’s axiom:

which-y words flaying, zinging

out like darts in flesh

*Inspired by “what if a much of a which of a wind.” Text here at poem 75.


The Play-bow

The play-bow. RIP, big guy.

Ode to An Absent Friend

The red slide of your

back. An arc, bowing willow,

bark tethered to moon.






Daily Imaginations

Three-headed robot.

’Sooth, “Shakesbeard” shall slay them all!

Words flare, sabrepoints.


Wall Light Haiku_2.1

The Art-Light Game

Light leapfrogs our wall.

Chiaroscuro hop-scotches,

Pollock play-splotches.



Written for the weekly (25 January 2015) Haiku Horizons, keyword “play.”

Handling the Human Heart: Haiku

Reuters--butchery photo

Reuters photograph.

Youth, flayed

Whistle at one life’s work.

That snug abbatoir, childhood,

skips to your lax blade.


Her heart

She forgot to know

words more powerful than belts.

Lacerating tears.


His heart

Wet vigils kept you

over pallid self-esteem,

sluicing away flesh.

Crane-Desert poem graphic

Because it is your heart

Seagram’s, your Grail, spears

raggedy id. Pinking shears

sawtooth kith — and kin.



Fear’s edge

You saw its savage

edge through pocket of apron.

A grin slits your lips.

Haiku for this week’s Haiku Horizons, on “cut,” which lent itself to sanguine verses (for me, anyway; be sure to read the other contributors!).

And now for some comic relief (note: this is the “Barbershop/Lumberjack sketch,” the first part of which might gross out the squeamish).



Euphoric/Dysphoric Haiku


Strands of IMacbeth candle

When I am wholly

at peace, bifurcated (k)not:

tallow’s tail — docked, snuffed.


Untitled, rhyming 1

This patchwork world frays

arrayed lives, brocaded days.

Best dress to egress.


Untitled, rhyming 2

Content comes with age

they say; calm is the loose cloak

saved for darker days.


Function Sans Form

Meanings labyrinthine,

when content is king and coils

reason ’round the thing.


 Blood Lines

Where mem’ries gather,

if I could just let them clot,

would hell or heme bloom?

The Haiku Horizons word of the week is “content,” which can be used adjectivally or nominally, as I’ve done here; be sure to peruse the other contributors to this week’s HH. After you’re done there, enjoy some other haiku or related forms by writers Robert Okaji, who here gives us a haibun, and Sarah Potter, who delivers a Monday morning haiku weekly.


Haiku: Nature’s Oppositions


Dialogue with a Shadow

Master of meanings

unbeen. Verbalizing air,

eliding the light.


Capturing Sunlight

Both photographs ©Leigh Ward-Smith, 2014.

Dialogue with the Day

Pulley up the sun.

Harbinger, bringer, vampire,

eluding the Night.

A big thank-you to Susan at The Wizard’s Word for blogging her own haiku for the weekly prompt (week 16) at Haiku Horizons, which is currently “master.” Check them both out, why don’t you.