Haiku: Examined Lives

We Night Birds

We hollow-boned preen

by day, ’til Night feathers nests

and opens pent souls.

Open and Read, If You Dare

Here lie life’s pages

not flitt’ry on the gurney

but splint’ring the eye.

Image from the "As Eye See It" photography blog by Herb Paynter

Image from the “The Way Eye Sees It” photography blog by Herb Paynter.


Mama Maelstrom

Dreams pelt swift these days,

open holes in mind-windows,

gouge out doughy hopes.



Life’s Sentences

I once knew a man

so open-minded, the book

submerged, and tabloid rose.

ย With Nothing But Writing to Guide Me

Carry me across

divided worlds, burned bridges

minds, eyes, hearts โ€” o, pen.

Haiku crafted especially for Week 17 of Haiku Horizons, with the prompt this time being “open.”




11 thoughts on “Haiku: Examined Lives

  1. My favourite is ‘With Nothing But Writing to Guide Me’, partly because of the clever play on the trigger word, but mainly because of the way the theme unfurls.

    I’ve only ever written one haiku:

    Gaia, swirling heaven.
    Mankind blossoms, then explodes;
    the end: just deserts?

    • I’m sorry I missed your comments, pendantry. Your haiku is excellent. Indeed, will we humans be getting our just desserts when we have aridified substantial portions of our planet, burned the forests and grasses down, heated the oceans and disintegrated the glaciers into ‘just deserts’? Sad, sad, but true. Hope to see you blogging again soon!

      • I’m a tad puzzled. Your reply indicates that you didn’t miss my comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Just imagine I’m on a research base on Pluto and the resupply shuttle only gets here every other month ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Touche. I missed it at the time that you made it, or in close proximity to that time. No worries; how’s the research going? Have you convinced the doubters that you’re on a legitimate (not “dwarf”) planet yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Interesting: a wormhole. Handy for fast comms! Research is going rather slowly. Not surprising, really, since it’s a SETI offshoot and I think it’s been many millennia since there were any intelligent species around this neck of the woods ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Titled haiku leave me with the taste of “must try harder”. The final one for example, doesn’t really need it, although I’d suggest a slight inversion opening with O pen carry me

    • Hi, Ali, and thanks for stopping by to read. I think I mostly agree with you; although I enjoy titling and put perhaps too much work into them, especially with the fiction, I do agree they can be a crutch and felt like a couple of these could have gone with simpler titles. Thanks again for offering your critique. That’s always valuable to me as a writer.

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