A Mostly Wordless Wildlife Wednesday

No matter what you call it, I hope you all are enjoying Summer Solstice (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, that is)!

While gardening a few days ago, I looked up and lo and behold . . . visitors . . .

Well hello there, raccoons


And then the four cubs saw me and proceeded to climb up this tree. I estimate them at about 3-5 pounds/each.


Raccoons in tree


Finally, I lured them down with half of my lunch (bread and pear-applesauce). It was quite fun for this animal-lover. I hope their mom was alright (foxes have been afoot lately).


Raccoons came down

Have a wonderful, not-hellaciously-hot summer!


Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Shimmering Web

The ShimmeringHope you all enjoyed the “conclusion” of October. Onward, for us, to a fog- and moisture-filled November. I wonder if this spider’s sparkly necklace and curtain of fog bode loads of snow-des for winter!

Speaking of rain, blogger Mark “The Gad About Town” Aldrich has a cool post about that  je ne sais quois smell of apres-rain.