Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Bleeding Pen--ObjectsThis is my first foray into photographic challenges (in other words, go easy on me, photography experts!). I do not see it explicitly mentioned in the rules, so I’ll gladly disclose: I obviously used a couple filters in this photograph. I took the photograph today with our ancient digital camera;  it’s so old, the maximum photo size is something like 1.3 megapixels. And as you can see, it doesn’t involve an elegant locale or exotic beast. I think I might have a few better object-y photos lying about, but I wanted to make this a fresh photo.

While looking at the other photographs submitted for the weekly photography challenge at the Daily Post, I’m quickly and completely floored. Obviously many of these folks work–and not just work, but excel–in the visual medium. Check them out, and submit your own composition if you so desire.

I tentatively title this: Pen, Word, Pool

Enjoy (or dislike!) . . . either way, I appreciate the look. And please consider sticking around for the writing.