A Mostly Wordless Wildlife Wednesday

No matter what you call it, I hope you all are enjoying Summer Solstice (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, that is)!

While gardening a few days ago, I looked up and lo and behold . . . visitors . . .

Well hello there, raccoons


And then the four cubs saw me and proceeded to climb up this tree. I estimate them at about 3-5 pounds/each.


Raccoons in tree


Finally, I lured them down with half of my lunch (bread and pear-applesauce). It was quite fun for this animal-lover. I hope their mom was alright (foxes have been afoot lately).


Raccoons came down

Have a wonderful, not-hellaciously-hot summer!


16 thoughts on “A Mostly Wordless Wildlife Wednesday

    • Thanks, Linda. Likewise all your critter photos. Did all the critters relocate with you guys to Georgia (I’m presuming so)? I’m taking care of a very sweet stray kitty right now and trying to find him an inside home (my husband has life-threatening cat allergy, so I unfortunately am not the right home). I say inside, but if it’s FARRRR away from a road, that would probably be alright, too. He really seems to like humans, but, alas, I’m on main street and he’s had some close brushes with fast cars.

      • Leigh, all seven cats and one dog made the move with us! They’re all indoor kitties but mostly hang out in the catio we built for them. We’re not going to rescue anymore in the foreseeable future! We’d one day like to take at least one more vacation before we get too old! 😂
        Best of luck on finding a home for that little kitty. Sorry about your hubby’s allergy. That sounds beyond serious.

      • That is so cool, Linda. Somehow, I don’t think I’d ever heard the term catio. The world’s cats (and dogs) need more people like you and your husband!

    • Thanks, Andy. Yes, quite a surprise. Hope you’re doing well and sorry I’ve not been stopping by as much. So swamped, esp with summer and kids being home as well as work is just falling in torrents from the sky right now.

      • Yep, not so much on the slowing down! Are you in BC these days or traveling the world for our (that is, we readers) benefits? I will catch up on Andyland in tonight’s reading, when kiddies are in bed (not necessarily sleeping; that’s another summer thing, ugh!).

    • Thank you so much, Sarah. It was a great surprise and fun to me. I haven’t seen them since. I’m surprised the Yorkie didn’t see them until they were up the tree, then he had to go inside so they would finally come down.

  1. They are so cute.. we have some Racoons as well as Skunks, a Groundhog, Deer and many birds. 🙋🐦

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