Funny, Foot-y, Almost-Fractured Friday

Hello, y’all. I’ve had a little bit of an accident. A snap, crackle, and pop later, I was on the floor with a sprained ankle. It was surreal. 🙂

Leigh's foot_draft 1.jpg

Sorry about the extreme close-up there. Hope it’s not too gross. But, fortunately, this happened two weeks ago and I’ve recovered a lot of my mobility now. And the swelling and purple-ality are mostly gone today. See?


Extra points to all who guess the three famous finger-puppet personages hanging out on my left foot. We have three others, but I can’t find Madame C and I’ll spare you from being freaked out by my other foot!

Anyway, this is ‘where’ I am, in addition to my fantastic luck of injuring myself playing basketball just a few days before my husband’s surgery. His is far worse than mine, though, but he’s getting better. I’m just glad I have been able to help him and that he’s healing well.

I hope you all are faring better! In the meantime, here’s to the creative road, wherever it may lead us . . .


18 thoughts on “Funny, Foot-y, Almost-Fractured Friday

  1. I hope the kids are looking after you two old crocks! I’m guessing that’s why I haven’t heard from you. Hope you feel better soon. You need to massage homeopathic ruta graveolens cream into your sprained ankle, to assist its speedy recovery.

    • Ruta graveolens; I will definitely have to check it out. Yes, I’m so incredibly sorry I’ve not gotten round to reading all of what you’ve sent me. Not even the email from a few days ago. Trying to do that today before more copywriting comes in and I’m swamped again. I’m almost to the point I can jog slowly again. I think I could probably still walk for miles (endurance is okay), but not so quickly. Anyway, yes, the kids have helped quite a bit and R and I have helped each other. I will look to see your novel MP in print soon, probably before I’ve read it all the way through (so sorry again for that; I’m very disappointed with myself). Anyhow, hope your week is going great all the way around for the entire family.

      • Sometimes it’s impossible to fit everything into time without stretching it too far. That’s when your world is likely to go ping like an overstretched rubber-band, taking you with it in some kind of cosmic implosion. I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen to you, so all is forgiven re MP. I will have a look through it again myself and see what I think, having left it to marinade for a couple of years. I’m glad you’re getting some copywriting work in. That’s a great positive, to have some paid work. I was thinking about doing some proofreading work but it’s a long time since I became qualified to do it, so am a bit reticent about advertising for work.

    • Hi, Hilary. Thank you for stopping by. I imagine what with your writing and beautiful garden, you are at full speed right about now. Our trees and plants are still confused (as I always say, gee, thanks, climate change). In the 70s today, then possible snow over the weekend. I can only hope that it makes mosquitoes go on hiatus and doesn’t kill too much greenery or other life (barring mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, etc.). Have a wonderful week!

    • OOh, I wonder why, Hugh. I cleaned spam recently but it’s not been in the last week or so. Thanks so much. I’m doing much better already. My husband has a much longer recovery for his knee surgery, tho. But all is good. Hope you guys and Toby are enjoying the almost-spring.

      • When I reported to WordPress that I had ben captured by their spam monster again last weekend, I gave your blog as one of those where I could not see my comment and where there was no notification that it was waiting for approval. They may have gone in and removed it, Leigh. They were quick after I reported it and I was able to leave comments again within 24 hours. They’ve no idea why my comments keep getting captured, though. “Maybe it’s because you comment too much?” they told me 🙄

        Anyway, glad you’re on the mend and I hope hubby makes a speedy recovery as well. Take good care of yourselves.

  2. Ooh dear that looks painful – I hope it’s feeling much better now and you’re on the creative road to recovery! I see that Biketopia reached its target so I’ll be looking forward to getting a copy of that soon 🙂

    • Hey, Andrea. Yes, I’m definitely on the mend. I can almost jog (very slowly), and the swelling and blue are almost gone, too. Thank you once again about Biketopia; I think they say September, so I hope the time flies by as I’m excited to see it, too.

  3. Oh my goodness so sorry to hear of the goings on at your house. Hope the healing is coming along steadily. I’m not sure who the puppets are but I love your sense of humor shining through.

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