Winning and the winsome winner who won it; or, the giveaway has ended


From the Department of Redundancy Department. Nevertheless, thank you for reading!

Hello, fellow humans or any visitors from beyond (or from beneath the depths).

You might remember that last week (actually, from about Oct. 29 through the wee morning hours of 4 Nov.), I was doing a giveaway. It was in conjunction with the release of the new #steampunk and #horror anthology Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires, in which my story “Muzzling the Monster” was published along with those from 15 other sterling folks. If anything, my story tips more toward historical, horror, and ghostliness, but that’s my opinion. In chatting with some of the authors, who are from around the world, I’ve discovered stories within are historical fiction, Western steampunk, and a mix of subgenres within the genre. See what you think of our creation and be the first to leave a review!

Now comes another exciting part. The announcement of the winner, of the graphic novel Monstress. I hope everyone who wanted to participate, got his/her entries logged on my Rafflecopter giveaway. [It’s entirely possible I’ll do more of these in the future, and with different prizes, too! Maybe something for the December holidays, wherein several different cultures have days of special significance.]

Now, without further ado, the winner of the graphic novel is one Curtis B., whom I shall be e-mailing shortly. Congratulations, Curtis, and thank you all for reading and supporting my little literary endeavor.


6 thoughts on “Winning and the winsome winner who won it; or, the giveaway has ended

    • Thanks, Sue. Rafflecopter is super-easy to set up and they are very helpful, e-mailing regularly to offer help and point one to instructional videos (which I didn’t use). My problem, which I’m thinking would not be yours, was in driving people to enter. I also wish I could have embedded the giveaway in my blog post, rather than having a link to it. That comes, I think, with paying for Rafflecopter, which I don’t want to do (since I do so few giveaways). All in all, a very good experience, Sue; thanks for asking!

  1. I noticed you visited Twelve House, Leigh. If you have poetry, stories, novellas, or novels which follow the guidelines–or if anyone reading this note has the same–I am happy to have a look. We expect to move into full production after Christmas (2016) and James Ward Kirk, the parent publisher, is very quick after acquisition (my job) to typeset and publish. We are already working on a Graphic Novel adaptation of the most recent JWK novel THE VAMPIRES OF DREACH FOLA (which I wrote). So, we’ll be publishing comics as well!

    Scath Beorh, Crucifixion Books

  2. Several evolutions later, Crucifixion Books is now Twelve House Books, open year round to consider novels and collections.

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