Galloping, Ghoulish Microfiction

Hello, y’all. This post is two-fold (or more; I’m sure I can summon other valid reasons).

First, for those who don’t know of them and who enjoy writing micro- or flash fiction, I’d like to point you to Grammar Ghoul Press. They sponsor weekly prompts of varying microfiction lengths that usually feature a word, phrase, and/or photograph to get your creative ichor flowing (within or without, if you write horror fiction). Full disclosure: GGP were kind enough to publish a poem of mine in their magazine last year.

Second, I was really snared by their call for 39-word stories, book of dinosaursfrom last week, because of the following large photograph. I had a ride-on horse, back in the day, at home who looked very similar to this chestnut store model. So, even though I missed the fiction call and didn’t honestly want to interfere with the voting process (since concluded), I’ve decided I would still like to publish what I wrote. It is heavily influenced by one of the books I’ve been reading lately, with a doozy of a long title: The American Museum of Natural History’s Book of Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Creatures. In particular, I looked to the Equus scotti entry. This genus contains the so-called modern horse. Here’s a brief taste of more information on the North American wild horse’s disappearance and the resurgence of the horse on the continent.

And now, here’s the photograph, posted by Tony at Grammar Ghoul, for the “Shapeshifting 13” challenge #59. Be sure to participate in GGP’s new challenge running through July 3rd—challenge #60—with an entirely fresh prompt. Following this photo by an unknown artist, my brief story (which actually is different than what I had written; due to a computer glitch and end-user failure, I lost the original copy). Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Bridled and warehoused

I should be grateful for preservation, but I’m not.

I used to be alive. Now I’m lame. In darkness. Dust clots my nostrils.

When I regain corporeal form, I will lead my species in rampage. Equines will prevail again.


15 thoughts on “Galloping, Ghoulish Microfiction

  1. I agree with tnkerr. Good one. Kind of like the old riddle who would you rather fight. One horse sized duck or ten duck sized horses. I have never known quite what to say on that one.

      • Don’t know about hobbit but my grandmother was certainly of a short stature. But her impact on the world was as big as anyone’s.

  2. Love it! Such excellent choice of power words. I’ve always loved the words “rampage” and “prevail”. Come to think of it, my son likes them, too, and has a booming 6′ 5″ guy’s way of saying them.

  3. The first line on its own is wonderfully evocative – could go so many ways, Poor horse – a sad fate to be saddled with. Hope someone comes along to clean its nostrils.

  4. Love this Leigh – dust clotting the nostrils, great image, but I love the equine rage and the image of rampaging horses! On a side note, when I was a teenager I was messing around on a horse just like this at the local fairground and ended up getting into an argument and a subsequent black eye from the local bully!!

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