Tuesday Taproots and Some Haiku


I missed last week’s photo challenge from Hugh, depicting ‘glorious,’ so I’ll leave this great horned owl photo here. Enjoy!*

Hi, everyone. Now that May (short story month) has concluded, I’m retiring.

I kid, I kid. To your chagrin! But to be nonfacetious, I’ve been fairly creative—wedging in writing time and, perhaps even more valuable, reading time—in the interim. Amid camps and classes and appointments (oh my), I’ve found a way to make it work. Somehow. I hope you all are doing the same in your creative and life endeavors, however they may mesh.

I’ve got a story debuting (details to come) online, on approximately June 18. That is exciting, and I’ll let you know more when the publisher okays it. It might not be to your taste or, contrarily, it might be just the panacea Dr. Dystopian ordered.

Anyway, in the meanwhile, some haiku I’ve worked on. A few do contain mature language, as opposed to the majority of my writing. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy them and, even more, cherish your one and only (mortal, anyway) life this week and always.


*At an event by the World Bird Sanctuary. Know how you can help raptors? Don’t poison mice or rats, which owls then ingest and die. Use a trap (or a cat).

Three-Turtle Pond

Sun-catcher shell shields

doughy carapace baking:

Tubers on pretzel-log.

There’s sure evidence that you might not want to write poetry when you’re hungry!

Here. This one’s a bit better (I hope).

Three-Turtle Pond, with Cows

Tonned skinnydippers.

wade, buoyant in brown and white.

Turtles watch, catching sun.

Note: I was hoping to get a photo of cows in the pond, but it hasn’t presented itself yet. Maybe now that the weather’s becoming really summer-steamy?

The Poet Observes Avian Head Movements

Flicking to and fro

chickadee, organic bobbler.

Green-beaked, seeking home.

And now, some less-serious (a.k.a. bad) haiku.

If Emily Dickinson were writing Haiku today (after “Because I could not stop for Death”)

O, Death stopped Alright.

Spying tin Carriage in Flight

Grounds these feet, a-fright.

If Emily Dickinson were writing Haiku today #2 (after “A narrow Fellow in the Grass”)

Slim slinker sidles

by. Petrifier of flesh,

take that! (Stomp!) Brains threshed!

The Fictionist Attempts Haiku

Pantser gathers thoughts

like wool. Writes the McNovel:

beats Egg Macguffins.

If Hemingway Wrote Haiku

Scott proposed haiku.

I countered boxing. Hands up!

Knocked a novel outta him.

If Hemingway Wrote Haiku #2

Virgil aside, poets are

shit-magnets. Posing words in-

stead of dissecting.

If Clive Barker Wrote Haiku

Arm severed op’ning

laptop. Blood spurts, filling eyes.

Fuck all, I’m bored.

If Clive Barker Wrote Haiku #2

The devil dealt with

me, needful nightbreeder. I

choked him with his tail.

Okay, that’s enough to have battered your senses properly.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Taproots and Some Haiku

  1. Hi Leigh. Thank you for all the poetry. Sounds like you have been very busy. Loving the photo of the Owl. Reminds me of the Harry Potter owl.
    I look forward to reading that interesting new story you’ve mentioned. Sounds as if it could be right up my street.
    Take care.

    • Thanks, Dr. Ali. I’m sheepish to try haiku now that you’ve perfected the sly-ku forms (? humorous haiku). BTW, did you know that there’s scifi-ku and a festival for it?! Alban Lake, a publisher I used in one of my markets postings, heads up some of them, although I suspect others might be doing them, too. PARSEC or Balticon or someone used to have a science fiction poetry contest annually; I entered it years and years ago. Not sure if that’s around anymore. Anyway, happy week. Hope you’re not overwhelmed with the whole ‘Brexit’ issue over there . . .

      • No worries, Dr. Ali (at least as far as responding to my comments; as for Brexit . . . ??!!). I loved your FF story, btw. It’s making me NOT want to write one, though! 🙂

  2. Leigh you sound extraordinarily busy. Reading is definitely what I need to do more of. I’m thinking of giving up sleep . What do you think of my plan? In the midst of it all you manage to be so creative. Bravo to you I say!

  3. Wow, this is a cornucopia of creativity right here Leigh! Some very creative and unique haiku. And congratulations on your forthcoming story, I’ll look forward to reading it 🙂 May the creativity continue!

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