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Some Flash Fiction & a Writerly Surprise


So, I missed a recent writing challenge, wherein the sea/water figure(s) strongly in a piece of flash fiction. Here’s one of the writecrafts from that. Hope you enjoy it, and wishing you all a creative, peaceful, and productive week. [P.S. Read on ’til the end, Macduff.]

Nothing to do with the story (but) in the Spring, a young butterfly’s fancy lightly turns …

Doom is a Human Word

GENRE: Science fiction (dystopian, cli-fi), literary

Doom is a small human word, but it carries a leviathan stick, all burning nails and toxic spikes.

Their story flows like this: It got hot and then it got hotter. Most did nothing. A few did something. It was not nearly enough.

And all died. I saw that it was so. Many saline souls undone. A shell and the soft body—the Earth seed—sucked out. Every green and gold and blue thing gone. Ta-ta.

Their world didn’t end with a whimper or a bang. Nor silence either.

It ended as I blinked it away. Stellar grit in the iris of time.

### STORY’S END ###

AND NOW . . .

A few markets and such for you intrepid writers and creatives . . .

  1. The oddly appropriate: Ecotastrophe II anthology, which is engineered by the fine souls at Nomadic Delirium Press, a small speculative fiction publisher in Colorado (whom you can help survive via their GoFundMe campaign), is seeking science fiction stories on the ramifications of global climate change, between 3,000 and 10,000 words. They are also looking for poetry of the same kind. For the fiction: “We will pay $10 for first rights to any story.  We will also pay two contributor copies.” Get your work in ASAP, as they’re looking to publish in the midsummer of 2016.
  2. A certain someone is working on updating an “Awards and Publications” page. Check it out, when you’ve got a moment. And thank you! #amwriting
  3. Angela Hoy, author and publisher of Writer’s Weekly, gives some good advice to a letter-writer about why authors should purchase their own books and how a writer can derive profits from special book-signing events. #amreading
  4. Traveling and writing about it? Live in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or Republic of Ireland? You can submit your 500-word (or fewer) feature travel article before midnight on a Wednesday (year-long), because The Telegraph holds a weekly “Just Back” writing contest. They say: “Entries should be submitted in an email to justback@telegraph.co.uk and include the entrant’s full address and telephone number. Attachments will not be accepted.” Good luck if you enter; they’re a paying market, both for weekly winners and a single yearly winner.
  5. Romancing the . . . Alien? Seems a difficult market to break into (but worth it), as they choose one and only one story to ‘fall in love with,’ but the Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is seeking your best fiction, 2000 to 7500 words, on “alien love.” No multiple submissions, but simsubs are okay with notification. This is a paying market! Your story’s due by May 15, 2016, so get a move on.
  6. You might not know about or even have considered it, but did you know that there’s a writing competition for [the scores of] those who are incarcerated in the United States? PEN American Center opens this contest to “Anyone incarcerated in a federal, state, or county prison in the year before the September 1 deadline . . .” Prizes of $200, $100, and $50 are awarded for first, second, and third place, respectively, in each of the following categories: poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction.