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Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 23 – Season


Well, May is shaping up very nicely. And busily, especially in that my fledglings will be leaving the school-nest in a few weeks and flying home. Let’s hope they don’t peck each other to death. (Only kidding! Okay, partly.)

The lovely Hugh, via his able and charming stand-in host Ronovan, has a photo challenge once again that sparked my interest: Seasons, which I interpreted as Nature. You’re shocked, right? [In any case, I do encourage you to visit blogger & author Ronovan’s blog, right over here.]

Here are a few views of the season here in the Northern Hemisphere, North American style.  Oh, I’m told I should put a warning/caveat of sorts here. These photos will feature wiggly squiggly critters from outdoors.

There was one decent photo of a cute little toad(let), but I’m having a problem converting it from the phone. Besides, you’re saying “oh my glob, does she not know when to stop?” And so, I shall.

Hope you enjoy these nature photographs of the spring season.

Robin’s eggs. They should hatch soon.

Same nest, same avian ingenuity.

Tiny grapes a’growin.

The kids call her Charlotte.

The fungus that looked like a flat rodent.

Avian ingenuity, part 2.

Hey, human, you talkin’ to me?

Ssssstay away from me, lady!

Yesss, I’m colorful, but didn’t I tell you to get losssst already?