Friday Fictioneers: Deanna’s Laundry (Fan Fiction)


Photo by Mary Shipman. Please visit her blog!

Deanna’s Laundry

GENRE: Fan fiction, Humor

The last sound Will Riker remembered clearly was Data babbling something about women’s underthings. For his part, the android, in a brown checked cape that offset chalky skin and cat-yellow eyes, was baffled by Commander Riker’s absurd reaction: gasping, then fainting.

Picard was the first to arrive. Data and Riker had tracked Professor Moriarty


We’ll never catch Moriarty–or Jack the Ripper–this way!

to Whitechapel, circa 1888, re-created to perfection on the ship’s Holodeck. The dastardly existentialist had already been on the lam for some time.

In evenly measured tones betraying nary an emotion (all being secreted away on a chip in his nape), Data spoke. “Captain, all I said was that the garment 2.2 degrees perpendicular to the south-southwest rafter has a 97.761% probability of being Counselor Troi’s underwear.”

Written expressly for the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge. As I hope you can tell, I’m a Star Trek fan. Even if I did do some (mild?) Trek-wrecking here in this #TNG fan fiction. All in good fun. Check out the other Friday Fictioneers, graciously hosted as always by Ms. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Also, do stop by and see Mary Shipman, who contributed the photograph; she writes, too, including about her grandson, Brett, who has autism.


10 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Deanna’s Laundry (Fan Fiction)

  1. Hee, nice one! I forgot that Moriarty showed up as a sentient hologram in a couple of episodes. I’m not sure those undergarments in the photo would fit under anyone’s skin-tight uniform, mind – maybe Data’s spacial awareness (along with his tact) subroutines are offline 🙂

    • Good thought . . . Well, my thought is that Data’s only seen the undergarments on special occasions [she doesn’t wear them everyday]! Wink wink nudge nudge, say no more. 😉 (In fact, other than Picard face-palming, that was going to be Riker’s—or somebody’s—question once he recovered.)

    • Thanks for reading & commenting, Sue. I’d be hard-pressed to pick just one character, but Data just might be my favorite, too, from TNG. Brent Spiner did great work with the character of Data.

    • Sue, I agree with you. Data was my favourite character, too. I wish I could read as fast as he could. Just think how many books and blog posts we could read in a week if we had his speed-reading abilities!
      You made me chuckle, Leigh 🙂

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