Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 21 – “Fresh”

Hello, fellow Hugh-go-nauts! Hope I’m not too late for the weekly photo challenge.

Whereas Hugh rustled up a scrumptious and delightful photo of tropical fruit, here’s a different bit of freshness I’ve experienced of late.

A freshly laid (lain? egads, those are hard to remember!) duck egg. Yes, no matter how hard you try, they are never completely clean, when you retrieve them. This one was still warm.

And a luxurious duck-spa visit amid a fresh pool of water. This is what ducks love to do as soon as you fill or refill their pool with tasty, new, cool water.

Not much time to write this morning, but I hope to be back blogging some fiction and/or poetry this week. So stay tuned!fresh splash


Fresh Egg


18 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 21 – “Fresh”

    • I hadn’t had them either until last year, Andrea. A few things. They are fabulous for baking–much fluffier (and larger) than chicken eggs. However, I learned I have an allergy to just straight (scrambled) cooked duck eggs, although I have nothing of the kind to chicken eggs. So that could be something you might want to know before trying them. I personally do fine when they’re baked into something, and maybe the two times I got sick after scrambling them was perhaps I undercooked them. I’m not sure. Anyway, the eggs are nice conveniences and free (so to speak), and I enjoy having the ducks around and taking care of them since we can’t have furry critters in the house due to allergies and asthma. Now, if I spent all my time in the garden, as your lovely prose & imagery today details, (a) I might never come out and (b) I might forget that I don’t have pets. Have you ever read Marianne Moore, Andrea? She has a poem about real gardens and imaginary toads; I think the poem might be titled something simple, like “Poetry,” or “This is Poetry” (something along those lines, I think). You might enjoy her, if you don’t know her already.

    • Joetwo, you seem like you have the potential to stardom. What a great Icon, that’s not Bruce the boss Springsteen is it? Anyhow, we would really appreciate it, if you came to our website Gastradamus and comment on a few of our stories.

  1. Looks like that shot was taken in the middle of summer. Makes me yearn for hot humid days and a pool of sparkling water, and perhaps a chilled beer to go with it!

    • You crazy man! But yeah, if I’m converting correctly, it’s supposed to hit near 27 degrees C today. Summer-like, except that many (if not most) summer days here now are 90s and 100s. And no, I’m not in Arizona! Thanks for visiting; oh, and you can still have a beer, tho! Have one for me too (as long as you’re not driving, of course).

  2. That’s a really good shot of the egg. I would like to get photographers point of view on my stories and the pictures that are used in them. Check out my blog at gastradamus and let me know what you think. May the force be with you princess leiah

  3. Have you just tried the scrambled duck eggs once, or a few times? If it’s just once, you might just have been unlucky with the egg. Maybe it was a bad egg with some mean bacteria in it. Just a thought.

    • I think it was 2 times, both scrambled, Sarah. But, as I’m not a huge fan of scrambled (or indeed any kind of) eggs, it’s not a great loss to me to just skip them!

    • Definitely, Hilary. If we would let them, the wild birds would play in the ducks’ pool and watering holes if they could. They definitely sneak in and eat the ducks’ food, when the ducks let them!

    • What a saint, refilling the bird baths, what a good samaratin you are. At Gastradamus there’s a lot of people who love you. They want to see your opinion. We need your opinion, so do me a favor when you can and check out my blog at Gastradamus, comment on my story and ill help you out.

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