Limerick Challenge: Week 14

Pear tree

Our pear tree, minus partridges.

This is for the latest limerick challenge at Mind & Life Matters, which I’m having trouble linking to (Inlinkz-wise) just now. So, go read ’em, and thanks for reading mine!


Within every green or gravid thing,

something rests on sublime wing.

One sapient heart can never know

the pain of the taproot, or the furrow.

“When I’ve light,” says the coal-trapping girl, “I sing.”

 Oh, also, I’m sorry for the “Daily Fail” link about the coal trapper (ignore all that celebrity junk in the page gutter); that’s the place I found the quote, hanging there as it is. As you can perhaps intuit, I’ve been doing research on child welfare/child labor in the 19th century, and from this, I’ve concocted a “soft” horror story. (It’s out for submission . . . wish me luck!) Also, I #amwriting something in the Steampunk vein; it’s been an education so far. How about you?

Pear close-up

I’m ready for my close-up.


13 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge: Week 14

  1. Quite some times I’ve been arage
    On the next word for the page
    But you don’t have that problem see
    ‘Cause you’re a scribe with talent Leigh
    The best of luck oh Literary Sage

  2. Oh my look at that amazing tree. Beautiful even without it’s partridges. 🙂 No limerick tries from me but yours a most eloquent one! Have a great day Leigh!

  3. The limerick was brilliant. I’ll be interested to read your steampunk story when it’s ready. If I miss when you post about it please pop over tony blog and tap me on the shoulder.

    • No problem, Phil. And, great as Boeheim is, I didn’t realize college bball was such a pastime in your area of New York. That’s cool to know; it’s nice to have ‘cuse in the ACC, too. All the ‘new’ teams in the ACC are not like the olden days when I first started watching it.

    • Thank you, Phil. Rather nice of you to say. I’ve got a good nibble on it from the publisher I’ve sent it out to, so I might not put it on the blog (for the “no reprints” thing, which I’m sure you’re familiar with), but who knows. We’ll see how it progresses!

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