Limerick Challenge, Week 12—Dream

Long time, no see, dear readers. I hope spring (or autumn, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere) is treating you well.

I’ve just come out of editing land for a brief fly-over of this blog, and a limerick has settled in my mind. So that’s what you get for this posting. You have the Doc to thank (or not!) for inspiring this limerick. It’s part of the Limerick Challenge, week 12, orchestrated by the wonderful Rashmi at Mind & Life Matters. Do follow her for limericks, novel updates, and much more, and be sure to read the limericks she has on offer.

I don’t deviate too far from the ‘original’ limerick idea—insulting, bawdy, etc. But that’s my impression.  What do you think?


A genie or?

Limerick for the Loveless

I once met the man of my dreams

But what he was, was not what he seems

Said he’d grant wishes

(Including doing the dishes)

In retrospect, I shoulda reached for Jim Beam.



16 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge, Week 12—Dream

    • No problem. Hope you don’t mind being called Doc. Don’t know what to call you now that I know your real surname (I like to protect people’s privacy online); Doc P sounds like maybe you’re a urologist or something. Ha! Anyway, keep tripping the laser-light fantastic!

  1. Last night I had a mad dream
    That Columbo and I were a team
    He’d finally mention
    “Just one more question.”
    And we’d watch them split up by the seam

  2. That made me laugh out loud Leigh. Glad to read in the comments that luck has changed for you. There is something wonderful about a man who is willing to do housework. Dave just finished vacuuming. Perhaps our secret to 37 years together. Well that and a lot of laughing. 🙂

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