Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Shimmering Web

The ShimmeringHope you all enjoyed the “conclusion” of October. Onward, for us, to a fog- and moisture-filled November. I wonder if this spider’s sparkly necklace and curtain of fog bode loads of snow-des for winter!

Speaking of rain, blogger Mark “The Gad About Town” Aldrich has a cool post about that  je ne sais quois smell of apres-rain.


7 thoughts on “Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Shimmering Web

    • It was indeed, Hillary. The last two days, we had thick fog here. I felt a little claustrophobic yesterday as I had to do a short drive in it. Felt very ethereal and had a “Bermuda triangle” aspect (etc.) to it, but lovely all the same.

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