Day 3 of Thrilling Fiction: A Dark Fantasy Drabble

Well, perhaps only a smidge of a dark smudge, considering what follows is a drabble. This can serve as the 0.66 of the 6.66 days of Thrilling Fiction, can it not?

Of Humming Hearts and the Green Arts


I have all these photos of the Midwest, yet not one of a corn stalk. Or a dragon!

I’m surprised by how much they look like rootless extracted teeth. The Delworths gave me a couple handfuls to sow in the backyard, enough for three short, stubby rows in direct sun.

I hope they take.

From the hinter bedroom, I check and re-check their progress. Sometimes at night, I see their shadows crawling up the blinds. Leaves tussle, eventually softening into what reminds me of a drummer brushing a drumhead.

I sprint outside one morning and shuck the silk and husk and find it, virid and hum-strung.

Then I’m rooted, wondering what non-blood offering you make to Drakon-hearted corn.


4 thoughts on “Day 3 of Thrilling Fiction: A Dark Fantasy Drabble

    • That’s cool to hear. I don’t picture Arizona having much corn these days, but obviously, native cultures and the ‘three sisters,’ esp. maize, coming up from Mesoamerica and spreading out in the southwest (D’Oh!) that I should’ve thought of. I have never done a corn maze, though I’d like to. Any maze that’s not at the Overlook Hotel or with Voldemort at the end is fine, really.

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