13 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Bright Lights, Imaginary City

  1. My goodness, Leigh! These are such beautiful photos! So colorful, so much color! My favorite is the 2nd from the right. Somehow, it reminds me of visiting Disney World way back when. Simply gorgeous! And on a phone, nonetheless!

    • Why, thank you, Jack. I can’t remember where you are in Canada (and my knowledge of your geography is, sadly, lacking), but in the fall, a similar lantern festival is coming to Montreal’s botanical garden. [I’m seeing that you wrote about driving in Montreal, coincidentally, in your latest post!] The one picture I saw online of it . . . it was breathtaking. You might think of a road trip for you and the wife if you’re not too busy with promoting Ranger Martin and the SfP. I think the installation is about the time your book comes out, October-ish. 🙂

      • Hey, Leigh! We’ll see how October goes. My wife and I have a getaway weekend coming up in October, but it won’t be to Montreal, although that would be great as well! We have yet to travel to the botanical gardens in Montreal. They are a sweet deal and my wife is totally in love with botany. We’ll have to think of another time when we can go. And yes, Ranger Martin’s been keeping me busy these past few months, so yeah, I can’t wait until it releases!

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