13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Ubiquitous People-Gazing

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the Komodo Dragon when visiting the Toronto Zoo. It’s one of my favorite animals. I don’t know why either. I find them peaceful. Love the shot!

  2. Fascinating creatures and happy to see your photo of one alive. Currently reading at breakfast time and not quite so happy to see the Komodo in autopsy form. I will prefer your take on this Leigh.

  3. Glass between you is a good thing! This made me think of a boa constrictor that was at the wildlife zoo in Phoenix. There was no glass, but a sign that it wasn’t needed because it was well-fed. I hoped so 🙂

    • Yeah, ditto, we saw a komodo dragon (2 actually) over the summer at an aquarium, and s/he seemed to look through the glass (and through me, maybe!). I was very glad for the thick wall of separation!

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