Microfiction Monday


monster in mirror image

 Image credit: Talented artist ??**

Never mind what Twain said about standing between the mirror of imagination and a text. Petralina had a houseful of looking-glasses, and, far from a Babel, they hissed aspersions with one shimmering tongue, half-lolling reality on a carpet of choked illusion. Olive complexion, ha! More like a festering, Frankensteinian*, puke-green cucumber. Rotted-through.


*The monster, not Dr. Frankenstein. Meaning, created by Frankenstein.

**If this is your image, I’d love to give you, the artist, credit for it, rather than the online political rag where I found it and, I presume, where it was used without your permission. Or, alternatively, I can remove it. Please let me know.

As to my extracurricular reading, I’m continuing on the Twain trail these days. And I’ve re-discovered the “Science of Us” Web site—specifically this story about people who experience body dysmorphic disorder, which strikes home for this self-deprecating introvert—and it ignited a thought that then formed a microfiction story around the challenge.

This belated microfiction piece was written for the Grammar Ghoul Shapeshifting 13 #8 challenge, which is now in the voting phase. Definitely drift on over there and have a look-see and then a vote-see for those talented folks. Perhaps you can then catch the next go-’round of the GG challenges.

5 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday

  1. Leigh it is not often I am left at a loss for words but at your blog I often find myself in such a state. After reading your masterpieces I wonder what I might possibly say that could hole a candle to your eloquence. I had a visit to the challenge page and why is it that I do not see your name to vote for? A brilliant piece and you get my vote for certain!

    • Thank you, Sue. You’re always so kind! I didn’t get my flash fiction done in time for the GG challenge, but I figured it’s always good to exercise the writing muscles anyway, plus to point people on to the other writers who did make it there on deadline. Thanks again for reading–and happy travels! (Are you guys watching the Tour de France?)

      • We have watched some but I must say since arriving home we are in a bit of re-organization mode. I am hosting my daughter’s bridal shower this weekend so definitely on a different type of adventure this week. 🙂

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