Friday Fictioneers: Good Woolf

PHOTO PROMPT © Lauren Moscato

Photograph © Lauren Moscato

Good Woolf

GENRE: Fan Fiction, Science Fiction

Word Count: 161

Meg Jansen rented the flat primarily because it met her basic requirements: not so much location, location, location as cheap, cheap, cheap. Besides, it made for a tidy little writing room of her very own.

One night as she burned the mid-write oil on a fourth draft, moonlight shot a shaft of light in through the window, moving her to the weird door that connected her room to the column of air above the street.

She opened the padlocks, cultivating a fervent hope of glimpsing the dragon’s orb surveying her. Yet she didn’t expect to step out into an expansive space of machinery—pulsing wires, cable trails, a console, and a man in a brown trenchcoat bent over it as if in study.

Where's that sonic screwdriver, now?

Now where’s that sonic screwdriver?

Stranger still: When he turned and introduced himself only as “the Doctor,” all she could think of was Virginia Woolf and weeping angels. Either way, it was going to be an interesting night.


This science fiction flash fiction piece, created expressly for Rochelle’s weekly Friday Fictioneers, was edited down from 204 words to the more manageable 156. Of course, I had to butcher one or two darlings in the process and should have done more trimming to get it to fit the 100-word parameter better. I seldom get the chance to write any fan fiction. That said, I loved writing and editing this. And by the way, thank you for reading. Do check out the other fictioneers for some fine weekend reading.


15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Good Woolf

  1. Nice, I realised I haven’t seen your posts for quite some time. Just had a read through them, I think I am up to speed again. Good work, as always from you Miss Wordsmithster

    • Why, thank you, HG. I’ve got to catch up (catsup, ketchup! ha-ha) on reading your travels and travails as well. Somehow, I’m thinking HG’s world will link easily up in my mind with what I read right before bed yesterday: A letter from Jack the Ripper to the police. In any case, cheers to you, HG, and thanks for visiting!

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of Fan Fiction. In fact I have been known to partake of it myself on occasion. Nice little piece of work.

    • Well, thank goodness then for fan fiction, as it propelled you into writing! Thinking back, I had to remember I actually have written two other fan fictions, unpublished of course. Thanks, as always, for what you do with Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle. I hope you had a pleasant Passover.

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