Haiku Thursday: On a Theme of Release

October has become a candypalooza in many parts of the world. But for just a few minutes, why don’t we imagine something different. Perhaps even an Octo-beer. And in that vein, hope you enjoy these haiku drafted written for Haiku Horizons.


Frost, Fall, Leaves_20141022_1256


Do these trees release

willingly, in warm wisdom

learning to let go?


Laws of all

We learned from our souls’

terminal velocity

to embrace the Fall.



And I will free it

so I can soar, roar, risk it

all and fall, to rise.


Lush language

Writer, gulper of

overheard wisdom stolen

from wide-open taps.


Writer, brewer

What is writing, if

not distilling strong mood-shine.

Reader, want a jar?
















15 thoughts on “Haiku Thursday: On a Theme of Release

    • Aha, I fooled ya, Janna! 🙂 Funny thing is, I like almost no beers. The concept of alcohol, and its history, are interesting, though. On the very rare occasion I drink, it’s a fruity drink like daiquiri or it’s a Bailey’s Irish cream & coffee kind of thing.

  1. Perhaps my mind is simply fooled by it being the most recent, but ‘Writer, Brewer’ really caught my imagination. I love the idea of ‘strong mood-shine’; and mightily impressed by that last line — for what is a writer without an ‘open’ reader (or nine)?

    I was a tad puzzled by the extended white space at the end. Deliberate: pause for contemplation?

  2. I humbly confess I had to Google the word “candypalooza” which is a great word and these are all great haikus expressing interesting ideas, thanks!

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