Six-Word Stories on Fun and Terror

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Pumpkin farm, by Leigh Ward-Smith

At the risk of being dubbed at sixes and sevens, today I will be having some fun with Halloween themes. If you’d like to participate in the contest by SMITH magazine (no relation), you can do their SixContest #38, wherein you comment on their Website and share your six-word Halloween-related stories—funny, silly, melancholy, petrifying, stupefying, or elsewise—by Monday the 27th of October.

Here are a few of mine.


Misc Kids & Such_20141016_1221

Pumpkin ball, by Leigh Ward-Smith

Dragon-souled moon looked through me.

Four: tiny tiger. Forty: colossal mouse.

Fear: Realizing they don’t come back.

Green skin still won’t scrape off.

Sadly, Mrs. B always gave apples.

It’s scary to be somebody else.

Hell is oneself. In saecula saeculorum.

Humanity: Spectral particles forced to coalesce.

“Haunted” houses much better than mine.

Neighborhood haunted house: “spaghetti is guts.”

Ugh, Uncle ate entire candy bag.

Halloween: The world’s dentists thank you.






12 thoughts on “Six-Word Stories on Fun and Terror

    • Now, as an older, wiser person, I wish I’d gotten only fruit. There was another neighbor who gave me something homemade, but I can’t remember what as I was at that greedy stage of life. Yep, sadly, in the ’80s (at least in the Southern U.S.), it was already changing. Now, I marvel at the $20 bags of candy at the stores. $20 and 99% of it is junk?! Are you kidding me? (Yes, you may call me a cheapskate, Joe!)

  1. I like these – especially the phrase “dragon-souled moon.” We don’t have many trick-or-treaters so I bough a big box of fruit snacks… I figured the kids could eat what we had left, The ‘made with real fruit juice’ statement successfully fooled me into thinking it was a better option than chocolate 🙂

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