September’s Guest Storyteller, Leigh Ward-Smith

Speculative fiction maven and haikuist Sarah Potter has graciously featured me as her September guest storyteller. Pop in for a read of my short fiction story about two among a special pack of enhanced beings and the researcher who chronicles their struggle for dominance. Then sit and visit a good while with Sarah’s imaginative prose, poetry, and photography.

Sarah Potter Writes

Leigh Ward-Smith

Leigh Ward-Smith has a journalism and editing background, but fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction occupy most of her current brainspace. She blogs at Leigh’s Wordsmithery  but also tweets, tweaks her wordcraftery, and sometimes opines on Twitter @1WomanWordsmith or on Facebook.

[quote] “I credit Serendipity with helping me discover Sarah’s blog, for which I’m very grateful, and I thank you all for taking the time to read my work”.

Out of a group of genetically enhanced humans with canid capabilities, a female and male study subject battle for dominance with increasing aggression. One researcher monitors them from a distance, mindful that the study could spiral out of control but determined to see who will emerge as Alpha.

The Enhanced: Prologue

“Observation is the most pervasive and fundamental practice of all the modern sciences, both natural and human.” — Histories of Scientific Observation, edited by Daston and Lunbeck

Brandon tore a…

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