Summer on a Stick: Six-Word Recipes

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I’m trying to be more of a “green thumb.” I hope the cantaloupe will make it — wish me luck!

For many, summer spins around a loose center of salivary satisfactions. That’s no less true for me.

Enter the Six-Word Memoirs/SMITH magazine Six Contest #32.This contest seeks your six-word summertime recipes or reminiscences. For those in wintertime, perhaps you can channel favorite warm-weather fare.

Here are some of mine (not submitted for the contest; you do that on SMITH‘s aforementioned Web page), broadly about recipes, food, and summertime rituals:

 Dew-drizzled raspberries: all hands grasp.

Homemade cantaloupe freeze pops: Di-vine decoction.

Crushed mint: sweet violence stains fingertips.

Thymus serpyllum — feral herb gentling weeds.

Tender perennial, savagely decapitated: ubiquitous tomato.

Garden sprinkler after a nine-mile run.

Runningwoman, water douses head, H20 halo.




9 thoughts on “Summer on a Stick: Six-Word Recipes

  1. I love that list, but a nine-mile run in summertime (or any time, come to think of it) … are you serious? The longest I ever managed was three miles and it nearly killed me.

  2. How fun! These are great, but I did pause at the nine mile run. Ouch. I don’t think I could do anything except ride in a car for nine miles- summer or not 🙂

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