Gnawing Worries on a Ribbon of Time

Gu-en’s ship was uffed. Threading their way to Calabi-Yau Base of 3.5 months ago wasn’t easy. And today was about to get exponentially worse, but at least they’d trap their shadowers: star rats.

Physics-Theories-from WiredCosmos

A computer-generated illustration of string theory from Wired Cosmos.

This 33-word flash-fiction sci-fi story was written for the weekly Trifecta challenge, Trifextra 104. Writers are to craft a 33-word piece using a palindrome (as “star rats” above). Sadly, the Trifecta challenges are coming to an end this month. At last I fully understand the meaning of T.S. Eliot’s line, “April is the cruellest month.”


15 thoughts on “Gnawing Worries on a Ribbon of Time

  1. Thanks for the solid piece of sci-fi! I have enjoyed your work since coming aboard Trifecta a short while ago. I hope to continue to read your work in the world beyond the realm of the Trifectans. Best of luck in the future world. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Tom. I read your tribute to Trifecta last evening, and I loved the continuity of how words are living on in the supernova that is your daughter and her own writing journey. All the best wishes to you in the future-present world; I’m confident when I step in the WordPress stream of consciousness again I will see you there (and be much pleased)!

  2. I am so in love with that title!!!
    I’m also glad to have made your cyber acquaintance. Long may it last.

  3. I love this – so original! And if it were a book, I’d read it. 🙂 You are a fantastic writer, no doubt about it. I hope to keep reading you!

    • Thank you, Christine. Coming from such a skilled, lyrical writer as you, this high praise is an unbelievable boost. I will definitely (still) be following your blog even though Trifecta is, sadly, leaving the WordPress environs.

  4. As a fellow science fiction author, and reader…excellent! Those god damned star rats. All the science fiction bases are covered. Strange worlds, unique voice, and quasi-philosophical – what are they? – star rats. Nice piece!

    • Thank you so much for the high praise, Turok. And thanks to you, I can’t get coffin suburbs out of my head (sounds like a problem Emily Dickinson would have!). Not to mention your Nancy Grace Trifextra . . . 🙂

    • thank you! There was an embarrassment of riches this past week with the palindromes, and they were so fun, I’ve been writing more. I’m very impressed with the five golds you chose, as well as many others I read.

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